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The Merriam Park Living At Home/Block Nurse Program - Helping the seniors of St. Paul district 13 "Union Park"  and district 8 "Summit University" stay at home safely since 1991.  We now also serve seniors and caregivers in the Rondo Neighborhood.

We are a local, neighborhood supported organization that provides seniors and their families the support needed to stay healthy and independent, living at home safely, securely and connected to their community. 
We offer a private, personal needs assessment for both seniors and for individuals caring for a senior or other person with memory problems.  Contact us to begin getting the help you need.



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By alleviating barriers to service, helping seniors prevent as well as manage illness, and coordinating and simplifying care, we help prevent and delay nursing home admissions.  This saves the taxpayers of Minnesota hundreds of thousands of dollars each year.  It helps to keep our communities whole, and it allows frail seniors the opportunity to continue to contribute to their community.

  The Block Nurse Program is Neighbors helping  Neighbors - We do not exist without your help! 

Help Support Your Local Block Nurse Program
Tax-Deductible contributions of any amount may be sent to:

Merriam Park LAH/BNP -
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or make your donation on-line:   Give_To_Merriam_Park